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Posted on - May 28, 2019

If I were the gambling type I’d reckon it’s odds on that this summer will have its fair share of scorching hot sun.

Yes — I know this is Britain and we can all joke about the weather — and there is and outside chance that it’ll rain a bit. But the fact remains we do get a decent amount of sunny days.

And it’s a safe bet that people in offices, workplaces and homes with a lot of glass will suffer the adverse effects of whatever sunshine we do get.


That big old ball of lovely summer sun rolls out into blue skies and every Englishman and his dog goes slightly crazy:

  • Barbeques appear from nowhere.
  • Kids paddling pools are strewn across every lawn.
  • Ice cream vans terrorize the streets with loud and tuneless jingles blaring out.
  • Inappropriately dressed citizens of literally all shapes and sizes litter the supermarkets parading acres of blotchy lobstered flesh.
  • Any bar or cafà© with even a square metre of outside space is mobbed with impromptu sundowners.


But having to work the usual 8 hours or so day shift in office designed more to cope with winter chill (if anything) means enduring conditions that would be good preparation for a stint in the Sahara with the Foreign Legion…


Qualifying heats

It’s fairly simple physics really.

Hot thing outside — intensifies through glass, amplifying the temperature still further — result is unbearable heat and very hot and bothered employees.

To make matters worse, many offices nowadays have windows that cannot be opened. So even that slim slither of potential relief isn’t possible.

Aircon (if there is any) is usually struggling to cope, blinds are pulled ridiculously low (making the interior of the office dark and gloomy), fans start appearing — dotted randomly about (and fiercely competed over) in a vain attempt to take the edge of the oppressive and incessant heat.

Pretty soon your workplace is pitch black and resembles a morgue, the noise of the aircon is deafening, it’s still mad-hot — and every leaf of paper or item not nailed down is blown across the room by gale-force winds created by the multitude of haphazard fans.

If your building has glass and the sun is out the chance that you’ll be problem free is 100-to-1.

Mad dogs and Englishman go out in the midday sun.

But even madder ones stay in this kind of crazy environment — and try to work?!?

Research shows that when office temperatures soar the risk of workplace accidents is greatly increased, and productivity takes a real dive too.

Concentration levels plummet and hot & sweaty staff suffer with headaches, eye strain, discomfort and fatigue


So — what’s to be done?

Here’s our tip

The application of solar control window film is a simple, cost effective solution to most heat and glare issues in the workplace.

Brilliant hi-tech products installed by our team of experienced professionals can transform your working environment and banish the summertime blues.

Window film can reduce heat and glare through your glass by up to 80% and almost completely irradiates harmful UV rays.


In form

Durable have been in the window film business for over 50 years.

We are the oldest window film company in Europe.

There is not much we don’t know about glass, problems with it and how to fix them.


And if that hasn’t whipped up your interest…

Why not call Durable today?

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It’s definitely worth a punt.

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Good with glass.