Hot under the collar…

Posted on - April 23, 2019

My stylish open-plan office on the 15th floor with huge floor-to-ceiling windows giving stunning views over the city.

Who wouldn’t want to work here?

Well — it’s more a case of who can bear working here as soon as the sun comes out!

Seriously. It’s a great space with loads of natural daylight but as soon as the warmer weather arrives it’s transformed into a seething cauldron and makes all my employees lives almost impossible.

The heat and glare from the sun streaming through all that glass makes every deskspace a sauna.

I’ve tried commercial blinds — they helped, but sort of made the office gloomy and miserable and — to be honest — although it did fix the glare problems – it was just as hot if not hotter once the summer properly kicked in.

I invested in upgrading the AirCon and that did bring the temperature down to bearable levels — but it had to be on practically 24/7 and the noise was really annoying.

Not to mention the massive increase on my energy bills that year!

On top of all that — I read a report which showed that when office temperatures soar the risk of workplace accidents is greatly increased, and productivity takes a real dive too.

Seems like when your people are too hot they can’t concentrate — they’re unhappy, uncomfortable and unproductive.

Obvious when you think about it.

So, I was talking to this guy I know who runs his own business with a similar office environment to mine and he says he’d sorted the whole problem out with just one phone call.

Changed his life. Well, maybe not that extreme — but certainly fixed his headache with his overheating workplace.

What’s the answer?

Apparently solar control window film is a simple, effective and relatively low cost solution.

High tech window films are amazingly good at managing the adverse effects of the sun through windows.

They can reduce the amount of heat and glare by up to 80%, and pretty much eradicate harmful UV rays completely.

No down-time and minimal disruption during installation and as it is applied directly on to the glass — does not affect the fabric of the building in any way.

I called the same company he’d used — Durable.

They were straight on it. Friendly, experienced, knowledgeable and helpful.

From survey to installation — a thoroughly professional and problem-free service.

The transformation has been incredible.

Now we can all enjoy our workplace as was intended — and get on with the real business, instead of suffering from getting too hot in the office!

If you have a problem with glass — and are too hot at work — call Durable today.

They are the oldest window film company in Europe.

They have been working with window film for over 50 years.

They can help with all issues and problems with glass and glazed environments.


Good with glass.