How safe is the glass in your school?

Posted on - July 4, 2017

Hey, Teacher – don’t leave those kids alone.

Hands up if you know how safe and compliant your glass is…

Are you sure the glass in your school is safe? With children and colleagues at risk – you can’t afford to be in the dark. Durable’s Glass Audit service gives you peace of mind.

Comfortably numb?

Do you know enough (or anything!) about the glass in your building? Have you thought about whether it’s safe? How can you be sure?

Very few people responsible for educational, commercial and public buildings have knowledge of the type of glass installed, whether it meets safety regulations or offers adequate protection.

But if it is your responsibility, you need to be well informed and able to act accordingly – right?

Should an unfortunate event occur, you not only need to be sure that you’ve done everything possible to safeguard those in your care – but it’s also important that you can prove and document the steps you have taken. It’s a duty of care. It’s important. It can’t be overlooked. Failure can result in litigation and heartache.

Many buildings do not meet the requirements of Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) 1992 regulations or the Duty of Care Act – increasing the potential for prosecution in the event of accident or injury.

Regulation 14 states that any transparent window, surface, wall or partition should be protected against breakage and be made apparent (basically made so you can see it..)


Sudden explosions are another issue. Chemicals, pressurised containers, gas pipes – there are many potential causes — and they effect thousands of establishments every year. Flying glass can account for up to 90% of injuries sustained in an explosion.

All areas of glass really ought to be surveyed to make sure they are safe and fit-for-purpose.

Durable’s comprehensive glass audit can highlight issues which may go un-noticed and could be vital.

For instance — you may have had window film fitted in the past.
BUT — how long ago? Is it still effective and legally compliant?
Maybe only some of the glass in your building was treated — what about the rest? Maybe there have been breakages or refurbishments and the new glass is not covered?


Many older schools may have no film, old film that needs replacing or have glass that has been replaced during refurbishments or after breakage. The case is often one of just not knowing. Durable Glass Audit is the solution.


There are so many areas where glass can be a problem, unsafe and down right dangerous.

Children and glass do not mix. Anyone falling against glass that shatters is exposed to the potential of a serious accident.

Toughened glass can spontaneously shatter (‘spontaneous glass breakage’). The shear weight of toughened glass makes this particularly dangerous in overhead glass such as atria.


Spontaneous glass breakage — a disaster waiting to happen?


A Durable Glass Audit is essential for every building and should be a priority for anyone involved in building management, maintenance, ownership health & safety or building insurance.

A Durable Glass Audit identifies and records your glass and provides a risk appraisal. From this we can produce a full report itemising all the issues, areas of concern etc – along with solutions and options which will rectify them through a thorough appraisal and remedial programme – including the specification and installation of any appropriate window films.

When it comes to the safety and security of your glass — we really are the people to talk to.

All glass is measured, recorded and through consultation we can help your school recognise the risks. Any existing window film is similarly appraised. We then put a plan together to ensure your glass meets all requirements, is legal, compliant and safe.

Us, and them…

Privacy film can be an effective solution and aid for visual security. Equipment and valuables are hidden from view minimising the risk for opportunistic break-ins. Students are also less likely to be distracted — helping concentration and focus. Window film provides a high level of privacy whilst maintaining maximum natural daylight.

Shine on…

During the spring and summer months the heat can be unbearable. Amplified and trapped by your windows – the sun’s rays not only make it extremely uncomfortable, but can affect concentration and productivity too.

At other times the glare and brightness can make classrooms almost unusable. Sun gets into eyes and renders screens, tablets, phones and white-boards completely useless.

Not only can window film address your health and safety concerns — but, it’s great for dealing with heat and glare issues too! Solar Control window film can cut out heat and glare by up to 80% and harmful UV rays by up to 99% – leaving you cool in the classroom.


Identifying the areas at risk efficiently, and advising on the most appropriate remedial steps to correctly address the issues arising mean that a Durable Glass Audit provides the most cost-effective solution.

Budgets are always tight — so you benefit from our unrivalled experience and knowledge.

Durable have nearly 50 years of experience in dealing with glass.

We are the oldest window film company in Europe.

We are an authority on glass issues, trusted by the likes of the MoD, English Heritage, National Trust and more.