How to manage glare in your office

Posted on - May 16, 2022

As the weather improves the amount of sunshine increases – and so do problems caused by glare through windows.

This is particularly troublesome for modern offices where glass has often been used as a key component and feature of the construction.

The aim is to create attractive, light and airy workspaces – but often as soon as the sun comes out the negative side of this approach becomes all too clear.

Sun streaming through windows can make using computer screens and monitors almost impossible, have adverse effects on productivity and concentration, and all that glass traps and intensifies the heat – making for an unpleasant and uncomfortable working environment.

Reception areas are especially at risk as these can be large spaces and it is very difficult to manage glare with the use of blinds etc in these locations.

Anti-glare window film

Anit-glare window film from Durable is the simple and cost-effective solution.

Our range of solar control window films can help you manage your heat and glare issues.

We are the oldest window film company in Europe and have been helping people with solar control problems for over 50 years. 

Over that time we’ve gained invaluable experience which helps us to give you the very best advice and service – from initial survey to final installation.


We utilise clever ‘sun path’ software to assess how your building will be affected by the sun throughout the year

This is a typical image produced by this software.

Yes – we know at first glance it looks like some child has run riot with wax crayons – but it actually gives some first-class data on when and where the sun is affecting your workplace.

The software tracks the sun’s varying paths over a typical calendar year – showing how it will affect the occupants of a building and helps us recommend where to install solar control film. 

The  picture shows a west elevation where the sun sets. The red line shows the sun’s journey on the 21st of June [summer solstice] when the sun is at its highest and longest path. The longest day of the year. This elevation will be significantly affected by the heat and brightness of the sunlight going long into the evening.

The turquoise line represents the 21st of December [winter solstice] when the sun is at its lowest and shortest path. At this time the elevation will hardly be affected by the sun as it sets behind the trees. 

East and west elevations are the worst for glare issues all year round – as the sun will always rise and set here, and will shine straight into the area, causing issues for anyone using this space. 

Fortunately, we have glare control films that can reduce the suns brightness by up to 95%.

And – thanks to this software and our team’s years of experience – we know exactly which film and where to put it.

Glazing Audit – Survey

We can survey your buildings to assess all your glass – not just to measure heat and glare, but provide useful and important information on safety, security, privacy, and many more potentially problematic issues.

A Durable Glazing Audit is the best way to make sure all your glass is safe, compliant, and legal.

Get peace of mind and call Durable today.

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