I can see clearly now…

Posted on - November 15, 2019

That was the title of a classic track by Jimmy Cliff [check it out here ].

And after we installed some brilliant Solar Gard True Vue 5 film to their windows – the occupants of our clients building could indeed see clearly. 

Even though reflective films usually impair or prevent looking out from the inside – particularly at night (when they usually create a mirror finish to the inside of the glass) True Vue still allows a view of the outside.

The security building required a film that would do just this : prevent passers by seeing in – whilst allowing the security team to see out. 

The True Vue 5 film has a reflective outer face to provide privacy – and a special non-reflective coat that makes the glass less reflective – to allow vision out even at night.

There’s more…

In addition they required a film that provided protection from the sun’s glare – as using blinds would once again block the view fro the inside to out.

True Vue 5 film reduced the sun’s rays coming through the glass by an incredible 94%.

You can see in the photograph that even though the film on the internal window is reducing the light coming through by over 90% you can still clearly see out.. 

A clear view with True Vue

Whether it’s raining or not – True Vue allows you to see all obstacles in your way… as Jimmy would say. 

And no matter how much of a bright, bright sunshiny day it is – True Vue’s glare protection prevents it getting uncomfortable.

Reflecting a great choice of window film

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