Let the sunshine in!

Posted on - April 28, 2023

The sun is out, weather is great – the ideal time to get the most from your lovely bi-fold doors.

Bi-fold doors effectively open your living space to your garden for a sort of al fresco experience in the warmer months.

When it’s not quite so warm – but the sun is out – they allow maximum daylight to shine in and provide a bright and airy environment.



There is of course a downside to Bi-fold doors.

The problem is intense heat and glare streaming through the large glass panels.

Although this glass lets beautiful natural daylight flood into the room — they also became a nightmare when the sun shines too brightly or too long. The living space can become practically unbearable.

On top of the stifling heat and eye-blistering glare, there is UV from the sun’s rays.

We all know that strong sunlight can harm our skin.

And this very same UV radiation can cause havoc with our soft furnishings.

Fabrics used for curtains, carpets, sofas, and clothing — exposed to too much direct sunlight will become damaged and faded. Hard wooden furniture and floors are at risk too. Prolonged exposure to UV from the sun will tarnish and discolour expensive modern items just as badly as those family heirlooms and treasured antiques.



The adverse effects of sun damage

Great options

Here are two amazing films that are just perfect for Bi-fold doors.

3M Prestige 70

Prestige 70 is a brilliant new technologically advanced film that has no metal content and can reduce the heat by over 50% – whilst not adding any reflectivity to the glass. It presents minimal reduction in light levels or changing appearance.

Prestige is a High-spec, High-tech, High-end window film from 3M. It’s a marvel of technological development and scientific application.

It is a top-quality product and really does add a touch of class to your glass.

Letting the outside in – without heat & glare issues



SolarGard True Vue 40

True Vue 40 is a wonderful product, which will reduce the heat and glare whilst also offering daytime privacy,

True Vue 40 can reduce heat gain by an incredible 42%.

However – there are films within the True Vue range that can reduce heat even further.

True Vue 15 can reduce heat by an amazing 76%!

Professionally specified and installed this window film offers a great way to protect all your valuables, fabrics, and furnishings.

Relatively simple, quick, and easy to install, window film is the efficient cost-effective way to manage a multitude of solar control issues.

Another Durable Bi-fold door job – done 🙂



Durable are the experts

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