Look through any window…

Posted on - September 29, 2018

That was the title of the1966 hit by Manchester band the Hollies.

Apparently none of them ever faced voyeurism charges — so all good there.

But — it’s not always possible to look through any windows.

When the sun is shining brightly — particularly at this time of year when its at a lower angle — it can spill through your windows — at home or at work — and cause huge amounts of discomfort.

Glare from the sun is a common problem for many.

With more and more glass being used in the construction of modern buildings the issue of solar glare through windows is not going away any time soon!

At home

Your lovely conservatory or garden room seemed like an idyllic setting for afternoon tea and enjoying the most of the sunshine. But the  glare (and heat) generated by all that glass actually makes the place almost unbearable!

Its too hot to eat your Sunday dinner there — you could be roasting more than the spuds…

AND painful glare makes watching the TV impossible.

At work

Same deal. But it affects all your staff, visitors, and customers.

Too hot in the office means productivity drops and the risk of workplace accidents rises.

Just one look

With computers at the core of most tasks nowadays — every screen is a potential problem when glare from the sun is too strong. Everything from incorrect data entries to headaches and eyestrain can result.

The answer is glaringly obvious

Solar control window film, professionally installed by Durable is the simple, efficient and cost-effective solution.

Window film can cut out heat and glare by up to 80% and almost completely eradicate harmful UV rays too.

What’s not to like?

We are Europe’s oldest window film company.

We are really good with glass.

We have a wealth of experience and guarantee we can help find a solution to your glazing issues blues.

Listen to us

We can even offer you a full glass audit. Particularly useful to commercial and Public Sector customers — this service looks at all the glass in your building and gives you a comprehensive report on problem areas, how to fix any issues arising and make sure your working environment is safe, legal and compliant.

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Hear the Hollies “Look through any window’ @ https://youtu.be/CQp1IDVZdCg