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Posted on - January 29, 2019

How to control unwanted glare from the sun through your windows

Now you may think that anyone designing a south-facing building using glass as the main construction and design feature may not be all that bright.

It’s obvious that when the sun’s shining the whole place is likely to be an unbearable cauldron of eye-watering brightness and unwanted heat.

Yet it’s amazing how many buildings — old and new — have exactly this problem.

Instead of experiencing some much-needed winter sun — you’re reduced to pulling the blinds or moving to another room (that is if you have another room to move to of course).

Cold comfort

Even in the winter months — when the sun is doing its best to shine — glare in your office or home environment can make things very uncomfortable.

At home excessive glare makes watching TV or gaming almost impossible and in the office or workplace — dominated nowadays with computers and IT — it often means that it’s a nightmare trying to see your PC screen at all.

It all makes for strained eyes, headaches, bad posture and can badly affect productivity too.

Throughout the colder months the situation can be quite persistent as the sun is at a lower angle than summer — so can cause new problems.

Get it sorted

But it’s all so avoidable.


The solution is amazingly simple, efficient and cost effective.

Solar Control Window Film – professionally installed by us – is relatively inexpensive and quick to apply, causes minimal disruption and down-time and the end result is almost invisible — so doesn’t alter the look of the room.

We’ve been in the window film game for 50 years (in fact 2019 marks our anniversary!) so we know a thing or two about solar control.

And there’s more…

Durable have been around for a long time and we’ve got a wealth of experience — not just in solar control products to manage your heat & glare issues, but all manner of other glass-related problems.

We can help with everything from Safety & Manifestation to Security & Privacy.

We have decorative products too. They not only look good — but also make your glass more apparent, and can add graphic or branded style.

We even offer a full Glass Audit — it lets you know exactly what the state of your glass is, if it’s safe and legal, and what you need to do if it’s not.

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We are fully house-trained (even Kev’s pretty good nowadays), have most of our own teeth and make a mean cup of tea.

Why not give us a call or email and find out how we can help you?

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