Nosey parkers

Posted on - September 23, 2019

Nobody likes a nosey parker.

We’re not talking MI5, industrial espionage or even a Peeping Tom – just being a bit – well – nosey.

Although – we’ve probably all been guilty of sticking our nose in where it’s not wanted from time to time.

I know I have. 

Trying to read someone’s copy of Metro on the tube or wondering exactly what that guy next door is doing with 3 scaffold planks a bucket and what looks like a chainsaw.

Kev is always at it.

Mark has even been arrested for it (though he denies any wrong doing, naturally – he was just measuring up for a job… how was he to know they would be naked?)

Human nature

Point is it’s sort of human nature – if you notice something intriguing – particularly that you don’t think you’re supposed to see – you just can’t help yourself.

It was the same thing causing a bit of grief for our client in London.

They’d refurbed the whole ground floor resulting in a large open area with a light and airy atmosphere.


But – their establishment was not only on a fairly busy street, but also directly opposite a bus stop.

So a queue of people could stand and have nothing better to do (once they’d dragged themselves away from their mobiles of course) than stare through our client’s windows.

Nothing untoward going on, or wanting to hide – it’s just a bit weird having people gawping at you and your customers. 

Having gone to the trouble of creating this open environment – the last thing they wanted to do was to close things in again by having blinds on the windows.

No problem.

Durable to the rescue

We installed a band of film that inhibited what could be seen in through the window, whilst still allowing 70% of the daylight in.


Look through any window – yeah…
bus stop

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Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom was a cult film made in 1960 starring Carl Boehm and Anna Massey.

Directed by Michael Powell, it was hammered by critics on its release – it has since been recognised as a masterpiece.

The film revolves around a serial killer who murders women while using a portable film camera to record their dying expressions of terror.

Pretty Dark.

And the killers name was Mark.

Just saying.

So – not even called Tom then… what’s that all about.


Good with glass