Not feeling well…?

Posted on - July 31, 2019

With the temperatures soaring and the sunshine unrelenting (it’s almost like summer!) the oppressive heat can cause dizziness, exhaustion, sun-stroke, dehydration… 

Basically although we yearn for a hot summer – the reality is we often struggle to cope when it arrives.

Scary to think – but there has been an increase in deaths related to the abnormal summer temperatures in many European countries over the last few years.

It’s ok though – it’s nothing to do with climate change – Trump says so.

Anyway – unbearable heat can make the most resilient of us feel a bit off colour. 

So imagine how much worse it would be if you were already unwell.

Like – say – in hospital.

Well – this hospital in West Berkshire was experiencing ongoing issues with extreme heat and glare.

The spacious corridor, which serves as the main spine connecting the whole building, contains a lot of glass – and is south facing.

And although that provides a lovely airy environment with lots of natural daylight on any normal day – when the sun beats down it becomes an unpleasant and unwelcome experience.

Durable to the rescue

We applied Silver 20 solar control window film to both ends of the corridor as well as all the high-level vertical glazing.

This simple but effective installation has made a huge difference to staff and patients alike.

High tech window films are amazingly good at managing the adverse effects of the sun through windows.

They can reduce the amount of heat and glare by up to 80%, and pretty much eradicate harmful UV rays completely.

All’s well that ends well.

So if you have a fever or an unpleasant rash call NHS 111 bit if you have problems with solar control call durable.



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