Private Eyes…

Posted on - April 17, 2019

Hall & Oates sang “Private eyes watching you , seeing your every move”

Bit creepy tbh…

But — being overlooked is a common enough problem for many people

Private lives

Your home may be close or exposed to neighbours — that downstairs toilet or home office where they can see in. You need to keep the curtains or blinds pulled or go to elaborate lengths to avoid having your life on show.

Valuables etc could be a tempting view for would be or opportunistic burglars.

Private parts

Similar story for workplaces. Whether it’s confidential information on show, or simply the need for some privacy — having all and sundry looking in at anytime is not ideal.

There is a simple and effective, low cost solution.

Privacy window film installed by Durable.

We have a range of window films to suit all situations.

From classic mirrored film to frosted or opaque finishes — high-tech high performance window film is a great solution to those prying eyes.

Inside info

Many offices have glazed partitions — which help make the space more practical and look good — but again lack for privacy.

They also need to be made apparent to avoid any accidents with people coming into contact with glass.

Regulation 14 states that any transparent window, surface, wall or partition should be protected against breakage and be made apparent (basically made so you can see it..)

This film can also take on a branding role — by representing your companies logo or other graphic elements — giving a further benefit and looking stylish.

We also have a great range of 3M Fasara patterned window films — which add a designer feel to any glazed environment, and serve as both practical and decorative.

Go for it!

Hall & Oates Private Eyes album also featured the single  “I can’t go for that” .

But you can go for a glass make-over from durable — just call us or email today!

See videos here and here.

Private lines

Privacy is quite a big issue — we have films for it — and here are some more films about it.

Dire Straits had ‘Private Investigations

Tina Turner was a ‘Private Dancer’ — tho having seen her dance that’s probably a good thing.

The B52s had a ‘Private Idaho

The Pretenders and Grace Jones both had a ‘Private Life

Judy Clay & William Bell had a ‘Private Number


And of course no list of privates would be complete without a mention of Charles Hawtrey — Private Widdle in “Carry On Up The Khyber”.

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