Problems with Penthouse

Posted on - September 28, 2017

No — not the magazine of the same name…

To be honest if you’ve got problems with that (pages stuck together or something) we probably can’t help much.

But we can help when it comes to penthouse apartments.

Cambridge blues…

The top floor of a residence in Cambridge was experiencing big problems with heat and glare through the south west facing windows.

The elderly lady (nearly 90) living there was in such discomfort she was considering installing air conditioning. Which would address the heat to a degree — but wouldn’t do anything about the glare.

Time to call Durable.

We installed Prestige 40 on the lower windows and, to reduce the glare even more through the upper windows, True Vue 30.

These films really do the business.

And look great.

AND the added benefit from installing this film is that all the lovely antique and expensive furniture will also be protected from the harmful rays from the sun too.

Another job delivered on time and on budget.

See what our happy customer says:

Dear Peter,
I just wanted to say thank you for the work on mum’s windows on Monday. 
Kevin was very efficient and tidy and mum is very happy with the result – we will just hope that it makes life much more comfortable next summer. 
I am sure it will. Thanks again,
Best wishes,

Result all round!

We feel loved.

Kev feels loved.

Mum isn’t going to melt and can watch The Antiques Roadshow without wearing sunglasses now.

If you have a problem with heat and glare through your windows, call us today.

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