Ray of light

Posted on - September 8, 2021

Not the Madonna hit

An actual ray of light.

Did you know that light travels at 186,000 miles per second?


Neither did we.

If you could travel that fast you could go around the world seven and a half times in a second.

[It takes just over 8 minutes for light to travel from the Sun to Earth – a distance of 93 million miles – that’s pretty quick…]

What we do know is too much light – from the sun – can seriously damage fabrics, soft furnishings and flooring.

Ultraviolet [UV] rays can wreak havoc with your décor.

Expensive curtains and carpets, beautiful wood flooring, heirlooms like paintings and other artwork, sofas, armchairs – they are all at the mercy of the destructive power of the sun.


Too much sun can cause damage to flooring


Damage control

Luckily there is a simple and effective solution – solar control window film from Durable.

High-tech window film, professionally applied, can almost completely eradicate those harmful UV rays.


Classic signs of UV damage


…and there’s more…

The chances are – if you are experiencing UV damage – you are most likely struggling with unwanted heat & glare too.

Your lovely conservatory or relaxing living room can be turned into a sweltering hot spot.

The sun’s heat penetrates the glass in your windows and doors – but gets trapped and parts of your home feel like a greenhouse.

It’s the same story in the workplace.

Meeting rooms that should provide the perfect airy and light environment become unbearable, uncomfortable, or even unusable.

Workplace accidents are much more prevalent when temperatures soar.



The heat not only causes discomfort for colleagues, customers and visitors but has been proven to reduce productivity too.

On top of this glare makes using computers, TVs, whiteboards and alike almost impossible.

It’s no fun.

Durable to the rescue

Once again – quality solar control window film is the answer.

Window film can reduce heat and glare by up to an amazing 90% in some cases.

It’s relatively quick and easy to install, causes minimal disruption, and once applied is almost invisible.

The good news is our film still lets in loads of the natural daylight that makes your home or workplace a pleasant place to be.

So – what are you waiting for? Contact Durable today to find out how we can help with your solar control problem.

Ray of light

Ray of light was Madonna’s 7th album released in 1998. She released 5 singles which all did well and the album is generally recognised as being one of her best – with better writing, production and singing.



An while we are not Madge’s biggest fans we do appreciate her help in drawing attention to the issues of solar control…


Good with glass