School Break Time…

Posted on - June 7, 2016

Being spontaneous is usually looked on as a good thing.
Exciting even. But not when it involves children and glass!

The phenomenon known as ‘spontaneous glass breakage’ was to blame when the toughened glass balustrade at a new school building decided to break for no apparent reason. Durable were called in and soon indentified the culprit.

Spontaneous Glass Breakage can occur in toughened glass when an impurity enters during the glass making process — it’s known as nickel sulphide inclusion.

This unexpected health & safety issue was simply rectified by Durable removing every balustrade and appling window film to all of the glass and then reinstating the glass and the original fixings. Et Voilà¡! All safe and secure again.
Go to the top of the class.

But – no running in the corridors. You could get a detention.

Make sure you’re safe from Breaking Bad — get Durable to survey or provide a full Glass Audit so you can be sure you, your colleagues and your students are protected.

Its saves an awful lot of meth…

“It’s crystal clear — nickel sulphide inclusion can cause spontaneous glass breakage”