School glass panel fails – child rushed to hospital

Posted on - November 9, 2022

An article from the Manchester Evening News highlights the dangers for schools of inappropriate or unfit glass.

Read the original article from the Manchester Evening News here

Manchester Evening News article 

Boy, 12, rushed to hospital after falling from footbridge outside high school in Tameside

A 12-year-old schoolboy was rushed to hospital after he fell from a footbridge outside a high school in Tameside.

Emergency services were called to Mossley Hollins High School in Mossley, and the air ambulance also landed at the scene.

The school said staff who were on duty raced to help, as did pupils who were nearby at the time.

It happened at the end of the school day at around 3.15pm.

Greater Manchester Police said the boy, who hasn’t been named, but is in Year 8 at the school, was taken to hospital by paramedics, not the air ambulance.

Thankfully, the force said the boy’s injuries appeared only to be minor but he was being kept in hospital under observation.

Police said officers were called to the school by paramedics.

It’s not been revealed how far – or exactly where – the boy fell.

In a message sent out to parents, the school on Huddersfield Road in Mossley spoke of a ‘serious accident’ and said it was working with Tameside council.

The school is due to be open on Wednesday.

Headteacher Stuart Marshall said parents also ran to help the boy at the scene.

He said the school were in touch with the family and offering support.

He said: “An accident has taken place involving a pupil falling from the footbridge outside school after the end of the day. Staff were on duty and immediately on the scene to help the pupil, as were a number of parents. The pupil has been taken to hospital. We’re keeping in close touch with the family and offering support. Our plan is for the school to open tomorrow and support will be offered to any members of the school community who need it. Investigations are underway into the full circumstances of what happened.”

A GMP spokesman said: “He appears to have minor injuries and remains in hospital for treatment. His condition is not believed to be life-threatening. Enquiries are ongoing and the Health and Safety Executive has been notified.”

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