School kids can’t concentrate…

Posted on - January 18, 2021

Trying to concentrate at school [when you’re actually allowed in a school – this was way pre-Covid…] can be very difficult.

You’re no good at Maths, it’s long day and you’ve got double Geography later [yawn] and, for some reason you just don’t understand yet, Debbie Simmonds legs are distracting you.

Your mum wrote you a letter so you could bunk off PE cause you’d had a cold at the weekend – but you left it on the bus, and now you have to do the cross country run in your pants.

Window film can’t fix all of that.

But – window film can help kids concentrate in the class room – by filtering out the sun’s rays – so children can learn in a cooler environment with less glare. 

Time and time again minimising the harmful effect of the sun by introducing an application of window film has proved to greatly improve levels of concentration.

It’s not a new phenomena – here’s an old Press Release showing exactly how 3M & Durable can fix this problem.

The date: 1974

Solar Film helps keep children more attentive

Many educationists are familiar with the problem of solar heat reflected through large window areas causing lack of concentration and a lessening of work pace among school children.

Now Harlyn Primary School in Pinner, Middlesex, has tackled this difficulty with Scotchtint solar control film from 3M United Kingdom Limited.

This transparent film, the first of its kind and by far the market leader, is applied to the inside of windows and reduces solar heat and glare by reflecting the rays of the sun back through the glass. 3M claims it cuts down heat and ultra-violet light from the sun by up to 76% and glare by as much as 83%. It has a life expectancy of at least 10 years.

At Harlyn Primary School, a new temporary classroom built on an open site at the side of the main building catches the sun on its south side for most of the day. Even as early in the year as March, the solar heat seemed to make concentration harder, with the class becoming wither drowsy or even, in some instances, irritable.

Following reports from teachers, Mr T. W. Baker, the headmaster, put the problem to the Hillingdon Borough Architect’s office and Scotchtint film was suggested.

The results were most satisfying. “The film keeps the heat well down on a sunny day, and teachers and children have a much more comfortable atmosphere in which to work,” commented Mr. Baker. “The children are no longer made restless by heat and glare, and are more attentive to their lessons.”

The windows had originally been equipped with roller blinds but they had not provided an effective answer, he said. Now that solar control film had been applied, it was no longer necessary to use the blinds. Lessons did not have to be disturbed by the teacher or class having to adjust the blinds.

Scotchtint solar control films are available from the Industrial Tapes group of 3M United Kingdom Limited.

December 1974

Watch out for our next ‘Memory Lane’ post – a little escape from the modern computerised, climate changing, Covid weary world.


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