Seeing spots…

Posted on - November 16, 2020

Do you ever feel dizzy if you get up too quick or something. Start seeing spots before your eyes?

It’s a common enough sensation. But you can feint, or it could be an indicator that something else is wrong.

But what if seeing spots before your eyes was a good thing?

‘Spot the ball’ used to be a little bit of fun in the newspapers, sometimes with half-decent prizes for ‘nearest…’ – so I guess that’s good.

Noticing a leopard or jaguar early enough to avoid getting eaten is another plus.

And spots can be very handy when it comes to making glass apparent.

Often large areas of internal or external glazing are almost seamless nowadays – minimal detailing and framework etc makes them more attractive, allows more light penetration but also makes them far less obvious.

Which can not only lead to unnecessary accidents and collisions – but could also mean you are in breach of building regulations.

Spot the difference

Take this lovely client for example.

Their brand new three storey kitchen complex – which creates wonderful Middle Eastern food – has a large restaurant and selection of shops on the ground floor. 

These are glazed with large floor to ceiling panes of glass. 

To meet the building regulations they required manifestation markings installed to make the glass visually apparent to the public.

Spot on

Durable to the rescue.

We installed two lines of dots. However, the traditional white frosted dots often used in cases like this were not suitable.


This area – being open to the public – meant the dots needed to be obvious and visually apparent to both the fully and partially sighted. White dots became near invisible in normal sunlight.


These coloured dots do the job perfectly and actually add a nice visual touch to the glass.

Join the dots

If you have a problem with glass – call the professionals.

Durable have over 50 years experience and are the oldest window film company in Europe.

Durable – good with glass.