Serious about glass safety

Posted on - October 25, 2021

When it comes to glass and public buildings you need to be sure you are safe and secure.

And the glass used in many buildings and homes is not only dangerous and harmful when broken – but can also expose valuables and property to burglary or theft.

If you have windows at street level – particularly if you are adjacent to a public right of way – you could be at risk.

Apart from that – nobody likes to be over-looked or to live in a goldfish bowl.

What you need is safety.

We have a film for that.

What you need is security.

We have a film for that.

What you need is privacy.

We have a film for that.

Whatever your issue with glass windows, partitions or doors – we have a window film that can protect you and yours.

If you are the custodian of a public building – or the owner or manager of a commercial space or workplace – you need to make sure you have taken steps to protect everyone while they are on your premises.

So whether it’s a school, college, university, hospital, council building, hotel, warehouse, factory or office – you need to be sure your glass is safe.



Big efforts have been made to make glass more safe – toughened glass for example – so the pane shatters into fairly innocuous granules rather than lethal shards.

Even if glass has been replaced or new windows and doors have been fitted – there can still be a substantial risk.

Window film is a simple and cost effective solution.

It instantly upgrades your glazing making it safe and secure – giving you peace of mind.

Our Glass Audit service ensures the glazing in your building is safe, legal, and fit-for-purpose.

Any building where members of the public, staff, students, or children could come into contact with glass needs to be made safe. There is a duty of care and legal requirement to do so. In fact the penalties for nottaking steps to protect can be very harsh should the unthinkable occur.

Durable offer a full glass audit – which not only examines the state of all your glass – but also provides a comprehensive report on what solutions can best remedy any issues.

We individually assess each building and produce a unique report showing which glazing meets with compliance levels and which do not, along with an action plan to upgrade to meet the necessary requirements. 

[Please ask for our guide to this legislation]

Often the answer is a simple application of the correct window film.



Good news

Durable are experts in all aspects of glass safety and security.

We have been in the window film industry for over 50 years.

We are the oldest window film business in Europe.

There is not much we don’t know about glass.

We understand the intricacies and problems – and provide a full glass audit – which examines all of your glass, provides a report on areas for concern, and solutions to fix them to make sure everything is safe, legal and compliant.

We are an authority on glass issues, trusted by the likes of the MoD, English Heritage, National Trust and more.

Don’t delay – to get peace of mind and to guarantee all your glass is safe, legal and compliant call us today.

You’ll be glad you did.

Durable – good with glass.