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Posted on - November 16, 2017

We love our customers. Where would we be without them?

And it seems that they really love us too!

Everybody likes to think they do a good honest professional job for a decent price, delivered on time — but it’s another thing to get the praise, feedback and loyalty that going that extra mile with service and a smile brings.

But don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what our lovely customers have to say;

[all of their own volition — no pressure — just happy people spreading the love…]

University — Oxford

We have worked with Durable for over 10 years, during which time they have undertaken glazing risk assessments for all of our main teaching campuses (5 in total) and all our halls of residence (approximately 5000 study bedrooms). This is a lot of glazing. The risk assessments are comprehensive and easy to follow, allowing us to formulate plans to apply film to areas of the highest priority in a world of limited budgets.

The team from Durable who visit our site to undertake the work do so safely, are polite and sensitive to a academic environment, along with an awareness of the issues surrounding working in close proximity to young persons. Durable’s work is always concluded successfully with minimal disruption to the students, and without any incidents.

I look forward to many more years working with Durable and have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Tim McGill

Health and Safety Manager


Private residence

Just to say we are really pleased with the window film, it is much more
effective than the blinds, glad we had it done..!

Mary Grant



Lodha Developers UK Limited

We confirm that you have completed the security film applications at 4GSQ and 14TKY.

It was stated by the embassy officials that they thought that your workmanship was of a excellent quality, as was your attention to detail during the site visit the day prior to the works.

Thanks for all your help. Look forward to working with you in the future.

Simon Chapman

Director — Construction Management


Private Residence

Durable are one of the best companies ever, really, I know. I know a lot about window film, and let me tell you — these guys are the best. They’ve done lots of really big jobs — big jobs — huge. And not just huge – but difficult too. Big, and difficult. Really. They are really good. Everybody says so. Loads of people. Literally loads. And they are going to be even greater in the future. Believe me. Probably the greatest. They’re going to be fantastic.

Donald J Trump

Private Residence

It’s just about a year since Durable applied film to my conservatory roof. It has been an outstanding success. Summertime temperatures can now be easily controlled to give a comfortable 26C as against mid to high 30+C. Winter performance is even more dramatic. When outdoor temperatures drop to around freezing overnight the unheated conservatory retains heat, some mornings being as high as 10C. We also retain higher temperatures during the daytime when the central heating is off. I feel the benefits we have obtained from the film installation are even more remarkable when you factor in, that our cottage is at the bottom of a valley, alongside a fast flowing stream (which has a natural cooling effect) . AND the cottage does not benefit from direct winter sunshine between December and early March.

Malcolm McCoy


Leicestershire County Council

We have worked with Durable since the early 1990’s and have had excellent service and advise on many compliance issues, surveying most schools and Civic buildings and assisting us to get to a glazing compliant position.

Steve Linnett

Compliance Manager


Inenco Group Ltd

I would like to express our appreciation for the professionalism of your fitting team during the recent installation of window film at our offices. They were friendly, worked with us to ensure minimum disruption to our business, kept us informed, and cleared up any mess to leave a smart looking finished job.

In these days when it is often difficult to get good quality work people — your team were a pleasure to work with and a real credit to your organisation.

Geoff Smith

Technical Director


Private Residence

I’m not saying the windows in my house are big- but if you take all of the glass out and put it in Wembly stadium – you’d need another 3 Wembly stadiums. And a couple of Etihads. And a San Siro. At least. So, when Durable said they could do the lot – in a day – I practically fell off my chair. Except I wasn’t sitting on a chair, I was sitting in the new Lamborghini Aventador. Which — by the way — is not only stupendously fast with an outrageous 6.5-litre, 740-horsepower V12 engine, but also so expensive even Roman Abramovich has to have counselling after buying one. But — its not as fast as the Durable installation team it seems. So — if you want a bonkers supercar that can empty the Duke of Westminster’s bank as fast Usain Bolt with diarrhoea, – chose a Lambo. For anything to do with glass, however — get Durable.

Jeremy Clarkson

Private Residence

Thank you for your help regarding installing Solar Control film in my conservatory.
I would like to record my appreciation of the courtesy and helpfulness of your representative. Polite, convincing and reassuring — a pleasant contrast to the usual hard-sell approach.

Michael Saxby


Dr Challoner’s Grammar School

With reference to the work carried out on our school this week. I felt I had to contact you to say how much my colleagues and I have appreciated the polite and unobtrusive manner of your fitting team whilst on site.

It has been a pleasure to meet such right-spirited workmen.

G C Hill


Saints Way Multi Academy Trust

This was the first time we have used Durable across our 6no primary schools and we are more than happy with the service.
I met with Peter on site to discuss our glazing RA options and he was very knowledgeable and helpful  and helped me get a programme of works arranged for our sites following the RA.
The guys who completed the RA were courteous and professional in their work as they were working in a’ Live school’ environment so this required them to be flexible in their approach.
All the reports were clear and concise and easy to understand.
I would definitely recommend Peter and the Durable team again.

Jason Gordon

Premises Supervisor

Private Residence

It was 2am. Witching hour. They guy at gas station looked like he’d seen enough drifters to know I wasn’t one. He was smoking lucky strikes — which seemed out of whack given his location — and he had that ‘hang dog’ kind of face that only someone working the graveyard shift really understands. But there was something else too. The glass. The windows were almost too perfect. Something just didn’t feel right. I did a double take, checked myself. Was I losing it? Were the past few crazy days catching up with me? No. It was real. They were like nothing else I’d ever seen — totally out of place in this grey, down-at-heel joint in nowheresville. Walking past the burnt out Buick and right up to the kiosk, I asked “ Hey buddy, what’s the deal with these windows?” Slowly, tilting his outsized head skyward, he smiled and in a voice like gravel, he issued just one hardly audible word.   “Durable”.

Raymond Chandler

There. You see?

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet…

We haven’t got a trumpet for a start. In fact we don’t actually own any brass or woodwind instruments. Kevin did do grade 3 Triangle at school and there was some talk about Lynn and Oboes …. But essentially we do not have anything to blow.

So it’s completely awesome that our customers are more than happy to do it for us!

So this blog is as much for them as us. Give yourselves a big round of applause for being the bestest ever customers in the whole world.

If you’re reading this and are not (yet) a customer — call us. We are so keen to help.


We’re like the window film company equivalent of a new puppy.

Without the house training bit.

Why not find out for yourself what makes Durable so adorable?

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