Sold up the river…

Posted on - January 26, 2021

Another privacy issue for this Richmond-upon-Thames customer.

A lovely new extension was built to the rear of the property, with lots of beautiful big windows.

All that glass created a light and airy atmosphere with oodles of natural light flooding in.

But – the problem was the new addition to the building backed onto a busy street.

The effect was a view that was not the most attractive, very distracting and of course created a sensation of being in a goldfish bowl – being over-looked night and day.

What they wanted was true 24 hour privacy – without compromising on the light levels or the stylish look of their interior.

A clear winner

Clear Frost window film from Solar Gard was the ‘clear’ choice.

This brilliant film gives protection from prying eyes whilst still allowing plenty of light to pass through the glass.

The top section of the windows was kept completely clear – providing a clear view out at a height level that maintained the desired privacy below.

Clear Frost is just one of a wide range of top quality, high-tech window films available from Durable.

From solar control, safety and security to privacy and problem panes.

Whether you are hot in the office or need to keep cool in the conservatory – don’t let your panes be a pain.

We have been in the window film business for over 50 years and are the oldest window film company in Europe. There is not much we don’t know about glass.

Why not call or email us to find out how we can help you with your glass issues today.


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