Staying power

Posted on - March 19, 2021

Durable by name. Durable by nature.

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. 


And we like to think when we do a job, we do it properly.

No corners cut. No make-do’s, No half-measures.

We only fit top quality window film, selected for exactly the right performance and protection, fitted by our experienced & skilled installers.

So – although the cost of a Durable job is not always the cheapest – it’s always fit-for-purpose and pays dividends in the end – giving our customers long-lasting peace of mind.


It’s amazing just how durable our window film installations are.



We applied film to this building over twenty years ago [!] to provide the glass panes protection after some had suffered damage due to acts of vandalism and a number had broken spontaneously, causing the glass to fall from height.

We completed a series of breakage tests to make sure the safety film solution we were proposing provided the required level of protection and held the panes in place for a number of days.

Mark was driving past the building recently and noticed what he thought looked like our twenty-year old film – poorly degraded – even from a distance appearing to be visually bubbling and crazing.

As he got closer however, he realised the degraded frontage was actually the graphic film used by a signwriting firm and installed only six years ago – and that our twenty year old film was still looking good and performing well. 

It sometimes makes sense to spend more and invest in quality film as they are not only better but can last much, much longer.


Durable window film is a bit like the Rolling Stones – quality performance that goes on for years and years. Eventually starts to look a bit worse for wear but can still do the job, and definitely outlasts the majority of the competition.

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And you haven’t had window film installed right if it wasn’t to the sound of Kevin singing ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ or ‘Street Fighting Man’ at the top of his voice whilst intermittently strutting about in Mick Jagger style [lips and hips etc].

Of course for those customers who prefer not to experience this spectacle we can always install without this added benefit…

But – honestly – you’ll be missing out.

Is your glass safe?

If you have problems with glass, are unsure, or you have had window film installed in the past and want to check it is still intact and giving you the protection you need – why not get a Glazing Audit from Durable?

We can give all your glass a full health check – including making sure that any old window film is still up to the job – and provide you with a full report.

Click here to find out more.

Remember the old Everest Windows adage? 

‘Fit the best…’?

Exactly that. 


Durable are the oldest window film company in Europe.

We have been in the window film business for over 50 years.

We are trusted by the likes of English Heritage, the MoD and the National Trust.



Good with glass