Sun x Heat + Glare = Discomfort

Posted on - June 28, 2018

Did you enjoy your time at school?

Nah, neither did we, not much anyway.

Rugby, and that girl in art class — and maybe the odd game of kiss chase.

(Peter loved that one. Weird really — he went to an all boys school…)

Imagine how much worse the whole experience would be if you spent several terms sweltering in the heat of the sun. Embarrassing sweat patches and all.

Many educational buildings nowadays have large areas of glass and windows — which make for as much lovely natural daylight as possible — BUT — when the sun is high and bright those same windows can play havoc with the conditions inside.

These big windows let lots of light through – but look out when the sun is shining!

It all adds up…

Sitting in a room with unfiltered summer sunshine bearing down on you. It’s proven to reduce concentration and cause accidents. Far from ideal when you’re trying to revise for an exam or finish a thesis. Once you’ve experienced the power of the sun through glass you know how bad it can be.

It’s an education!

Lessons learnt…

This installation for a well-known University had exactly this sort of problem, in the Mathematics department on the ground floor.

Durable were called in to try to fix this uncomfortable and unpleasant state of affairs.

We’ve got their number…

… 20.

Silver 20 window film in fact

We applied Silver 20 window film to the glazed areas causing the problem, reducing the heat by approximately 60% and the glare by 75%.

As there is a slight tint to the glazing the silver film deepens the colour rather than creating a mirror look.

You may be able to see in the photograph how the ground floor looks much tidier and uniformed compared to the other floors that have blinds in different positions (with all Knick-knacks and whatitsnames all cluttered and on view).

To sum up…

Strong sunlight through windows can be a real issue and a big negative in educational buildings. That is — until you factor Durable into the equation.

Do the maths…

Window film is the simplest, most efficient and cost effective solution to solar control issues.

Durable are the experts on all aspects of glazing and associated problems.

We can perform a complete glass audit showing all areas of concern and suggesting what steps can be taken to eradicate adverse aspects, and more importantly perhaps — give you clear guidance on where your establishment stands in relation to legal requirements and compliance.

Durable have a huge range of window films — not just for solar control, but safety, security, privacy — you name it — we can help.

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Durable have nearly 50 years of experience in dealing with glass.

We are the oldest window film company in Europe.

We are an authority on glass issues, trusted by the likes of the MoD, English Heritage, National Trust and more.

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