Surrey seems to be the hardest word…

Posted on - August 4, 2021


It’s a beautiful county.

Not a bad cricket club either.

And a great place to live.

What’s not to like?

One of our clients have a lovely family home in Surrey – with a south facing garden. 


Well – it’s ideal when they are enjoying the summer sunshine outside that is.

But venture inside and it’s a very different story.

Where all that glorious natural daylight floods in through big windows in the winter, it becomes a real problem during the sunnier months.

Heat & Glare

Both the ground floor, and the first-floor bedrooms overheat.

To make matters worse, the ground floor also had a bad issue with unwanted glare.

This was particularly troublesome as the family are all huge sports fans and watching together on the big TV screen is very big deal to them.

Straining to see the screen or pulling blinds and curtains just wouldn’t cut the mustard.

No worries.

Durable have the answer.

We applied our excellent external grade Prestige 40 film to the offending windows.

This cut out the glare & heat by an amazing 60%!

A more bearable environment – and – more importantly – a clear view of the TV.



Not to be outdone – the first-floor bedrooms got treated to some top quality Prestige 70 – another great film which reduced the heat gain by 50%. 

Both of these high performing films also reduce harmful UV by up to 99% – protecting fabrics, soft furnishings and furniture from damage from the sun’s rays.

Another simple but effective solar control window film solution – professionally installed by the experts – Durable.




We are the oldest window film company in Europe.

We have been in the business for over 50 years.

We are good with glass.

A safe bet

Durable are THE experts when it comes to window film.

A safe and knowledgeable pair of hands.

Trusted by the likes of English Heritage, MoD and The National Trust.

If you have a problem with glass it’s a racing certainty that we have the solution.

Talking of racing – did you know that Surrey has 4 top horse racing venues?

Apart from Ascot there is Kempton Park, Sandown Park and Epsom Downs.

So there – now you know.


Call us!

Don’t fret – if you have solar control issues call us today.

We’ll take away all the stress for you, while you do something else – like have a nice relaxing bath – with Epsom salts of course 😉

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