Posted on - July 23, 2019



Extremely and uncomfortably hot: 
“…In the summer, it’s sweltering in our office…

Sweltering means uncomfortably hot. Walking home from work on a sweltering day will leave you sweating.

A sweltering summer afternoon might cause you to turn on the air conditioning or take a cool shower. To be sweltering is more than merely being hot – it’s the kind of damp, intense heat that sends everyone to the pool or beach for some relief. The verb swelter came first, from the now obsolete word swelten, “be faint from heat,” rooted in the Old English sweltan, “to die or perish.”

Definitions of sweltering

1: adj: excessively hot and humid or marked by sweating and faintness
“a sweltering room”


So that’s the dictionary definition.

If you were to use one word to describe your current working environment I bet ‘sweltering’ would be a pretty good fit.

Of course — this is Britain — so the term ‘sweltering’ will not apply all the time — but when the sun does decide to come out to play we are never quite ready for it.

Yes — we yearn for it every summer — jumping in the pool or the sea — BBQs on the lawn — sitting outside your local in the beer garden with a cold beer.

Too hot at work

But when it’s hot and sticky and — well — sweltering — at work, it’s not so much fun.



Air-con ramped up and noisily struggling to generate some respite. Fans spinning like crazy blowing the warm air around, not really cooling anything but displacing any paper or materials not heavy enough to stand their ground. Blinds pulled all the way down until the office is plunged into some kind of perpetual darkness — and yet still unbearably hot.

That is the status quo for many having to carry on a full day’s work in a modern workplace.

Office buildings have more than their fair share of glass windows, doors and partitions — making them susceptible to the worst effects of the summer sunshine.

Even the most elegant workplaces can just become sweltering cauldrons of misery and discomfort.

Studies show that when office temperatures soar the risk of workplace accidents is greatly increased, and productivity takes a real dive too.



And the problems with summer heat and glare through the windows in your home or conservatory can be just as much of problem – making certain areas of your home unbearable.


Why suffer?

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High tech window films are amazingly good at managing the adverse effects of the sun through windows.

They can reduce the amount of heat and glare by up to 80%, and pretty much eradicate harmful UV rays completely.



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