The sun’ll come out tomorrow

Posted on - June 24, 2016

But even if it doesn’t — window film can help.

Sunny and hot?
You need window film from Durable.

(it can reflect the sun’s rays and keep you cool)

Dull and cold?
You need window film from Durable.

(it can prevent heat from escaping through your glass)

Air con or heating bills too high?
You need window film from Durable.

(it’s a more economical way to control your environment)

Need privacy?
You need window film from Durable.

(mirrored or frosted film is a simple solution)

At risk of harm, need to make glass more apparent?
You need window film from Durable.

(Safety, Security and AntiShatter films keep you safe)

It’s a hard knock life…

People and glass don’t always mix well and the results can be serious. Tens of 1000’s of accidents happen each year involving glass and people. Window films from durable provide safety and security for all your glass.

Does your glass meet the relevant regulations? Get a ‘Glass Audit’, if it doesn’t, Durable can upgrade it.

We can make glass stronger and more apparent to limit the potential for accidents, reduce consequential damage when glass is broken, and deter attempts at forced entry.

Really. We can!

Glass can spontaneously shatter. Window film reduces the danger by holding the broken shards together.

The safety of people in the workplace is always a priority – glass safety can save lives. Never more so than if an explosion occurs. Up to 90% of injuries in these cases is caused by flying glass. We can help to prevent that.

Albert Finney, Carol Burnett, Tim Curry, Bernadette Peters — proper Film Stars.