Too hot at school

Posted on - June 26, 2023

Hot desking — no fun in the sun.

Don’t sweat it! Window film keeps you cool in the classroom.

Students of all ages can really struggle this time of year, trying to concentrate in rooms where the windows turn the environment into little more than a greenhouse. It’s not very conducive to learning, it’s unhealthy, and at times can contribute to accidents and injuries.

Time to get revising

Durable can teach you a thing or two about making glass safe and are experts in solar control.

Installing hi-tech Window film reduces heat AND glare by up to 80%, and can cut out up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays too.

Research has shown that productivity drops dramatically when the temperature gets above 30 degrees. So as well as being downright uncomfortable — its also counter-productive. Less ‘swotting’ more ‘sweating.

Glare is a big problem when the sun shines brightly too. Reading from a White Board is a nightmare, and don’t even think about trying to use a PC or laptop — squint as much as you like — sunlight streaming through your windows makes it impossible.



Learn from our experience

Durable have been helping people with solar control for over 40 years. We like to think we know pretty much all there is about managing heat and glare through your windows, doors and other glazed areas.

We have extensive experience in schools and educational establishments.

As well as heat and glare there are also health and safety issues, which we can help you with too.

Regulation 14 states that any transparent window, surface, wall or partition should be protected against breakage and be made apparent (basically made so you can see it..)

All areas of glass really ought to be surveyed to make sure they are safe and fit-for-purpose. Durable offer a comprehensive glass audit. This can highlight issues, which may go un-noticed and could be vital.

For instance — you may have had window film fitted in the past.

BUT — how long ago? Is it still effective and legally compliant?

Maybe only some of the glass in your building was treated — what about the rest? Maybe there have been breakages or refurbishments and the new glass is not covered?

Break time…

Spontaneous glass breakage is a real and worrying problem that can affect glazed areas like atriums and glass roofs. If the incorrect product is installed to these areas the situation can be made worse — so it’s important to get the right advice.

Peace of mind

The simplest and best way to make sure you are safe and compliant is to call durable today and request a glass audit. Once done you’ll have a full report and can act accordingly if necessary — and have formal document to prove you have not ignored your duty-of-care.



Top of the class

Durable have experience that is second to none and are industry leaders. With children involved there really is no room for short cuts. We believe you deserve the most complete and accurate survey, high quality installation, and friendly, efficient service from knowledgeable professionals.

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