Too hot in the office?

Posted on - August 30, 2022

Summer temperatures can make office work a tall order.

Particularly where buildings have many windows, are south facing or high rise.

Solar Control window film is the answer!

No need to suffer in the summer – window film can resolve your problem.

Take a look at the facts:



That’s an amazing reduction and simple and cost effective to install.

You too can feel the benefit.

Research has clearly shown that number of accidents in the workplace rise significantly when the temperatures soar.



On top of this it’s been proven that concentration levels, and production output, drops when the workforce are struggling with high temperatures.

All that glass traps the hot air inside – magnifying the heat and raising the temperature still further – and keeping it that way!

AirCon, fans and blinds struggle to cope – the only truly effective answer is solar control window film.



Keep your business cool with the simple application of high-tech solar control window film from Durable.

We have been in the business for over 50years and are the experts in the management of all issues concerning glass and glazing.

We are trusted by the likes of English Heritage, the MoD, and The National Trust – so you’re in safe hands.

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