Too hot in your office?

Posted on - July 24, 2017

Summer temperatures can make office work a tall order.

Particularly in buildings with many windows, large areas of glass or high rise.

As Britain swelters — with thermometers creeping up towards 30C plus in the last few weeks, — anyone with south facing windows or large areas of glass frontage in their workplace or office will really feel the heat.

Employees in workplaces ranging from industrial bakeries to school classrooms are often subjected to temperatures which can impact seriously on their health and well-being.

It’s bonkers really isn’t it? We complain all year round about the weather and as soon as the sun does come out — we complain about that too. But it can get so hot in the workplace that productivity drops, workforce get fractious and it can even contribute to errors and injuries.

Consequences of overheated factories and offices can include “discomfort, stress, irritability and headaches …extra strain on the heart and lungs, dizziness and fainting and heat cramps due to loss of water and salt”, and the resulting reduction in alertness and attention spans can contribute to workplace accidents and fatalities.

An official code of practice introduced in 1992 as part of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations states that workplace temperatures should not normally drop below 16C — or 13C if the work involves severe physical effort.

But …

There is no suggested maximum limit, with the guidelines stating only that “all reasonable steps should be taken to achieve a reasonably comfortable temperature”.

No need to fear the height of summer — window film can resolve your problem.

Take a look at the facts:

That’s an amazing reduction and simple and cost effective to install.

You too can feel the benefit.

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