Too hot? Stay cool…

Posted on - July 19, 2016

It’s like the Sahara out there at the moment!

And if you don’t have solar control window film — it could be even hotter inside!

Durable have a simple, elegant and cost effective answer.


Ok – so probably not really what you need. Although we can get you one if you like. When it’s this hot you do feel a bit like John Mills character from ‘Ice Cold In Alex’.

So beer is undeniably a good idea. But we think getting us round to do a glass audit, and letting us suggest the best way to cut out all that heat and glare would be better in the long run.

It’s bonkers really isn’t it? We complain all year round about the weather and as soon as the sun does come out – we complain about that too. but it can get so hot in the workplace that productivity drops, workforce get fractious and it can even contribute to errors and injuries.



Get us to install some window film. Job done.

Did I mention beer is good too?…

John Mills Sylvia Syms, Harry Andrews and Anthony Quayle. Proper FilmStars.