Trouble with glare in your workplace?

Posted on - April 24, 2023

Is the sun shining through your windows a problem?

Sun shining directly into your workplace can make computer screens hard to see and make your workplace unpleasant and uncomfortable for your colleagues, employees, and customers.

Sure, you can pull the blinds (if you have them), but it’s not a great fix, and ideally, you’d like the sunlight to shine in, just not at the expense of the working environment.

Window film from Durable is the simple and cost-effective solution.

The appropriate film, professionally installed by us, can filter out up to 80% of glare and heat from sunlight. And as an added bonus, it also filters out up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays to!

The eyes have it

Trying to concentrate on a PC screen, laptop, TV, or other device whilst the sun is streaming in through your windows is not good for your eyes, leads to headaches, results in lower productivity and can increase the risk of accidents in the workplace.



Light at the end of the tunnel

Our range of solar control window films are the best solution by far. And they can have additional benefits. Combination films can provide safety, security, and privacy benefits too.


Installing window film not only fixes your summer problems — but helps with your winter blues. Not only can it stop heat permeating into your office or workplace but it can reduce the heat leaking out through windows too. So, it’s just as useful in the winter. Result!

Old hands

We’ve been in the window film business for 50 years. We’re experienced, seasoned professionals with a long history and top class with glass. We are the oldest window film company in Europe.



The window film specialists

If you have a problem with any window or glass related issues call Durable today. You’ll be glad you did.

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