True Colours

Posted on - August 31, 2018

True colours — shining through

And that’s why we love TrueVue.

80’s songstress Cyndi Lauper probably knew nothing about window film when she wrote the song.

But we like to think she’d be impressed by our range of solar control film.

Obviously her (and her girl friends) quite clearly just want to have fun — but let’s get a little more serious for a moment…

TrueVue — the window film from Solar Gard — is of course a premium high-tech window film which provides optimum clarity for stunning exterior views – day and night.

Which is nice.

Particularly if you are experiencing unpleasant heat and glare through your windows.

Time after time

Every year — the sun comes out the weather warms up — and your home, office, workplace, conservatory, wherever — becomes an intolerable inferno.

Don’t sweat it!

The simple application of TrueVue window film by Durable can fix the problem with minimal disruption and manageable costs.

Viewing figures

With this cracking product you get all this:

  • Protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays
  • Up to 82% reduction of the total solar energy to increase your comfort
  • Reduction in both the cost of air conditioning and your carbon footprint
  • Control of hot spots and uneven temperature zones
  • Reduction of glare by up to 94%
  • An increase in your interior daytime privacy

Shady goings-on…

TrueVue comes in four different shades, 5, 15, 30 and 40, and provides you with a choice in visual appearance and solar performance.

Slim Shady goings-on…

Not so much ‘rap’ as a ‘wrap’ solution.

Cover your problem glass with TrueVue and they’ll be fixed in a (Obie) trice.

That’s our 50 cents worth anyway.

If your property faces south (Kanye) west you’ll be particularly impressed with TrueVue’s Solar control.

TrueVue prevents your workplace environment from getting too hot. So you don’t have Tupac your sunscreen and shades when you pop to the office.

The heat reduction can keep you ice (Cube) cool in the conservatory, and (LL) cool (J) in the kitchen.

You’ll also get (Notorious) BIG reductions in glare.

As a (Jah) rule TrueVue increases your privacy too — so it helps to deter those who like to snoop (Dogg).

So – they can’t see you walking around in your (Biggie) smalls.


Durable — we may not be able to spit bars like Jay-Z, but when it comes to window film we are always No:1.

Call the hotline…

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