WARNING! Unexplained breaking glass

Posted on - October 6, 2021

Q: Why did my glass just explode?

A: Could be Spontaneous Glass Breakage.

Toughened glass can spontaneously shatter (‘spontaneous glass breakage’). The shear weight of toughened glass makes this particularly dangerous in overhead glass such as atria.

And it usually happens without any warning.

Often a glass breakage like this is misdiagnosed, it’s assumed that something has struck the glass to cause the failure. But it’s very likely to be  a result of Spontaneous Glass Breakage. The pane shatters due to errors within the glass.

Nickel Sulphide inclusion

Due to faults in the manufacturing process (nickel sulphide inclusion), toughened glass can spontaneously shatter. The shear weight of toughened glass makes this particularly dangerous in overhead glass such as atria. Window Film correctly installed protects against this.

Shock discovery

One of our clients had eleven separate instances of breakage to glass ballustrading before we were called in. They had no idea that the cause could be something to do with the manufactured panes — rather than an accident, impact, or issue with the installation.



Duty of care

If you experience a sudden and/or unexplained glass breakage — call us straight away. It could save you a lot of time, money and potentially prevent injuries too.

Get a Durable ‘Glass Audit’

All areas of glass really ought to be surveyed to make sure they are safe and fit-for-purpose. Durable’s comprehensive glass audit can highlight issues which may go un-noticed and could be vital.

For instance — you may have had window film fitted in the past.

BUT — how long ago? 

Is it still effective and legally compliant?

Maybe only some of the glass in your building was treated — what about the rest?

Maybe there have been breakages or refurbishments and the new glass is not covered?



Don’t just take our word for it…

Read more about Spontaneous Glass Breakage on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spontaneous_glass_breakage

Other glass breakage issues in the press:




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