We don’t do scary films

Posted on - October 28, 2022

We know it’s Halloween – but we’re not really into all that scary stuff.

We thought we’d share some scary stories of our own — with a positive message of course.

Count on us

Window film is available in many different styles — and if you have a problem with local vampires — then we suggest applying reflective silver film.

Any would-be bloodsuckers venturing outside your premises will be obvious, as they will not cast any reflection.

You can then lob some garlic and holy water at them and take them for a stake dinner.

Or — if the vampire problem is really bad in your area — why not apply some 3M Prestige as well?

It allows the maximum amount of natural daylight through whilst remaining almost invisible.

Vampires can’t handle daylight.

Any overly keen vampires hopping out of their coffins for an early supper will get a real fright.

Witch window film?

Getting the right film for your windows is important.

Not only can it make a huge difference to the effectiveness of the product and the impact on your wallet but, the wrong film can have pretty catastrophic results.

For instance, the wrong film applied to some glass can expand or contract as temperatures change. In worst-case scenarios this can cause the whole thing to fail and the glass to fracture or break.

So – scary – not only because of the cost of replacing everything — but also for the potential injury that can be caused too.

Luckily, we have a range of high-tech films for all occasions and situations.

They are all top-quality products with specifications that are so amazing you’d think they were magic.

We haven’t done a deal with the devil or anything — we just have awesome products!

It’s not witchcraft – it’s all science.

Shattering revelations

There’s this other scary thing called ‘spontaneous glass breakage’.

It particularly affects areas like large glass atria.

There can be small impurities in the glass caused during manufacture — this is called nickel sulphide inclusion — and it can be devastating.

Under certain circumstances the impurities cause the glass to shatter suddenly, mostly without any sign or pre-warning.

If anyone is unlucky enough to be underneath (and atria are usually fairly heavy) the result could be disastrous.

Getting the jitters yet?



Dorian Grey

You know the scary story of the guy that never ages — because he’s got a portrait of himself in the attic that ages for him…

He’s another happy customer of ours.

Our window film has brilliant UV protection. It cuts out almost all ultraviolet rays.

So, Mr Grey’s Painting (and all his other artwork, soft furnishings and fabrics) are well protected from the harmful effects of the sun.

Ooh Mummy!

Kids and glass don’t mix.

Any Trick-or-Treaters knocking on your door better hope the glass is safe!

Anywhere where children — or anyone tbh – may come into contact with glass needs to be properly protected.

There are strict rules on glass and glazing standards (like regulation 14 for example) and if you are responsible for any areas where members of the public are at risk — you need to be sure your glass is safe.

We don’t need to tell you how horrible and scary an accident involving shards of glass could be.

It would take a lot of bandages to mop up the nasty fall-out…

A whole mummy’s worth probably.

Why not get Durable to do a full glass audit on your premises?

This survey will give you a complete report on all your glass, any issues arising and what can be done to fix them.

An easy way to be sure you are safe, compliant and legal.

Afraid of the dark

Are you one of those people that hides behind the sofa when the guy in the movie goes down to the basement in the dark — to see if there is something horrible down there?


Why would you go down there if you suspected some nastiness?

If you don’t want any unexpected surprises a durable glass audit is just the thing.

If you don’t want horror films – contact Durable

0118 989 5201 – mail@durable.co.uk

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