Window Film to Treasure

Posted on - February 22, 2019

We always fancied being pirates.

We love the sea, and rum — and the hours seem pretty good.

It was just the scurvy and being hanged that put us off.

They always did a good line in beards too I seem to remember…

If you say ‘pirate’ to most people now they will think of Jack Sparrow and the Disney franchise. Which is fair enough. Johhny Depp pretending to be Keith Richards and Keira Knightly or Orlando Bloom (depending on your preference) swashbuckling their way across the screen. Fun for all the family.

But before that, Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’ was the pirate adventure that ignited many people’s imagination.

It was written in 1883 (around about the same year as Tony left school) — and is still a classic.

The main character was Long John Silver — larger than life, charismatic, seemingly omnipresent, with loads of catch-phrases — a bit like Bruce Forsythe (RIP) ….. but with a wooden leg.

Of course one of the key characteristics of a good pirate was resilliance.

And they have to be tough too.

A bit like our Silver Mirror Film.

Tough and resilient.

You could say ‘durable’…

Take a look at this for example

These windows were originally treated on the outside approximately fifteen
years ago with an external grade silver mirror film to reduce the heat and
brightness of the sunlight.

The hard outer coat (designed to stop the film being scratched) had degraded making the film appear white and opaque – so it was difficult to see out from the inside.

But – when we removed this film we found the metal solar control coating and base film were still in very good condition.

Not bad for a film originally only designed to last five years or so.

We reinstalled a new silver film that would reduce the suns glare and heat by over 80%.

Now the occupants can see out again!


How’s that for durabilty?

Long John Silver

John Silver had a parrot called captain Flint — it kept on repeating the same things over and over — mostly about money, gold, pieces of eight — that sort of thing.

Reminded us a bit of Peter…

The impact Treasure Island has had on anything ‘pirate’ is amazing.

Until Pirates of The Caribbean came about, all pirates had a beard, wooden leg and a parrot.

Comedian Eddie Izzard once played the part of John Silver is a TV mini series and Tim Curry (of Rocky Horror fame) also played the same pirate in the Muppet Film.

Treasure this

Durable really are a national treasure when it comes to window film.

We are the oldest window film company in Europe and have been helping people with glass related problems for over 50 years.

Our quality, professionalism and service are solid gold.

We just had to get that off our Chest.


Captain Hook was another popular pirate — sort of — from Peter Pan.

He was always flitting about never wanting to get old — bit like Mark.

Peter Pan had a long-suffering friend, Tinkerbell, who did her best to help him despite his impetuous and crazy ideas (Lynn — ring any bells…?)

He did a stint with us as an installer back in the Caversham days — but trying to apply top-quality window film to a state-of-the-art commercial building — with a hook — was never going to end well.

Hoist the Jolly Roger

Well our flag is actually a ‘Jolly Kevin’ — similar – but has a smiley face above two crossed fingers.

Instead of running for their lives upon seeing this — most customers run for the Bourbons and a cup of tea.

Talking of refreshment…

The first customer to call us for a quote after reading this wins a bottle of Rum!*

Yo Ho Ho!

* unfortunately it is an empty bottle — but it’s the thought that counts.