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Posted on - November 28, 2022

A Glazing Audit from Durable is the best way to make sure all your glass is safe and fit for purpose.

Many organisations are not aware until an incident occurs, that the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulation 14 legally enforces that building occupiers should ensure all their glazing, considered at risk of breakage through impact should be glazed with a compliant product to reduce the threat of serious injury. 

The regulation applies to all workplaces. 

However the Education sector, especially schools, has been the most effected as children and young adults have been found to create a far higher risk of glass being impacted and broken than in a sedate adult occupied office. 

Glazing Audit

As a result we have completed Glazing Audits to nearly 10,000 education buildings throughout the UK. Assessing the glasses compliance to the guidelines. 

The Glazing Audits have been completed for county councils, local boroughs, academy groups, colleges, universities and individual schools. With compliance certificates being issued to thousands of sites. 

Your guide

To illustrate how Regulation 14 impacts an education property and what is required to comply with its requirements we have created a guide specifically for education properties. 

Below is a very simplified summary of the guide:

Regulation 14 requires education properties such as schools to highlight all the glazing they consider to be at risk of breakage through impact of a body or object that could create a risk of injury to their pupils and staff.

Over thirty years working with council H&S advisors we have developed a thorough understanding of these risks. Which have mainly been based upon councils recorded incidents of glass breakage in education properties. 

In a sedate office this could be doors that people regularly use. In a school this could be windows that faces playgrounds, corridor glazing up to two metres, sports hall glass as well as many other areas.  Many can be found in our guide [available here]



The Survey

A survey of the risk glazing is required to identify whether it is a glass that will break safely, such as laminate glass or hazardously, like float glass. As glass visually looks the same electrical testing equipment is required to identify the glass type. 

A written report of the survey findings is required to identify where the glass complies and where it is hazardous. Our Glazing Audit reports provide this information and become the schools record of the risk glazing should OFSTED request it, or an incident occurs. 



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