Getting back to work?

Posted on - June 2, 2020

A lot of us have been working from home through this lockdown – which brings it’s own problems [see our previous blog]. But many more have been furloughed, businesses temporarily unable to operate, or only working with skeleton staff to keep things ticking over.

So – are you going to be glad to get back to the office, or dreading it?

Even before the pandemic, social distancing rules and new ways of going about your daily life – some of us were far from comfortable in the workplace.

Too hot in the office?

One of the many problems facing businesses is the issue of heat and glare through windows – making the environment hot and uncomfortable for staff and customers alike.

At this time of year some offices, shops, hospitals, schools, warehouses and factories can suffer with extreme heat and unpleasant glare generated by the sun’s strong rays – amplified by the glass in our windows.

Workplaces become less productive, and the risk of accidents increases too.

There is a simple and effective solution.

Window film from Durable

A simple and cost-effective application of window film can dramatically reduce heat and glare by up to 90% – whilst almost completely eradicating harmful UV rays.

Quick, simple and cost effective

Window film is relatively quick to install, has minimal impact to surrounding infrastructure and the work can be carried out with minimal downtime.

Many older buildings are listed or protected in some way – so keeping the appearance and not interfering with the fabric of the building is essential.

Not a problem for window film. It is the ideal solution – presenting minimal visual, and no structural impact.

Back to the future

Don’t make the return to the ‘new normal’ even more uncomfortable and difficult.

No need to get too hot in the office!

Keep cool in the conservatory.

Fix those solar control issues with Durable’s range of amazing window films.

Why not call Durable today?

We have been in the window film business for over 50 years.

We are the oldest window film company in Europe.

We are the experts.

We are good with glass.

We can provide a full glass audit too — to make sure all your glass is safe, compliant and fit for purpose. 

Whatever your problem with glass — Durable have the experience and know-how to fix it.

COVID-19 safety

Like everyone else, we are taking extra measures to ensure we are keeping staff and customers safe during this Coronavirus pandemic.

All our installers are experienced professionals and, along with all their usual concerns for general health and safety and risk assessment, are working to strict guidelines throughout this difficult period.

Our installers carry with them a safety kit containing disinfectant spray for cleaning tools and machines, gloves and masks, and hand gel – so they are always prepared on-site.

And of course all our team practice social distancing during any installation.

Please be assured – your safety is of the utmost importance.

We are an authority on glass issues, trusted by the likes of the MoD, English Heritage, National Trust and more.

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