Shady goings on

Posted on - January 7, 2019

Human eyes are amazing.

They are made of over 2 million working parts, are the most complex organ after the brain and account for over 80% of everything we perceive.

But the slightest change in light and our perception can be totally thrown.

Colours, shades and tints are all relative and our brain struggles to deal with the information and make an accurate picture of what we are actually seeing.

It’s the same with window film. The way it’s perceived can be quite different in different circumstances.

The Real Slim Shady

Will the real slim shady please stand up?
Eminem’s single from the Marshall Mathers LP asks the question.

And we are often asked if our shaded window film stands up to not only the look and feel of the desired end result — but also delivers the solar control benefits it was intended for.

It does.

But what’s interesting is if you look at one of our tinted films on it’s own it can look much darker than it actually does once installed.

For this reason we often supply a small sample of film the exact shade and tint suggested  for the job so that customers can see for themselves how it works.

When they put the samples over their eyes so that they cant see any other light source (a bit like sunglasses), it gives a pretty good impression of what the finished result will be like.

Don’t be afraid of the dark

However – If they look at a sample without completely covering their view — i.e. they can still see and appreciate other light sources — the sample appears a lot darker, and certainly much darker than it will appear once installed on your windows.

Tint right, tint fair, tint proper

Poldark’s old Jud Paynter knew what he was talking about.

And considering he’s Cornish that’s impressive enough as it is.

But it nicely sums up our ethos when it comes to tinted window film too.

Compare the window

The first picture shows one window treated with a film that reduces the sun’s brightness by 87%  – and one window without.

The second picture shows all the windows treated.

We think you’ll agree – the film looks a lot lighter when it’s finished.

These guys wanted to stop having their blinds closed the whole time so that they could appreciate their lovely location and surroundings.

Were they pleased with the end result?

Did our shadings still stand up?

Well they’ve asked us to come back and treat some more windows for
them — so, you know — we reckon they are probably pretty happy.

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Don’t take our word for it — see what our lovely satisfied customers think — or better still call us today and find out how we can help.

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