Turning 50 – but no signs of slowing down

Posted on - August 21, 2017

Ok, so we’re nearly 50.

Well — our blog posts are anyway.

But there’s no sign of us slowing down, having a ‘mid-life’ crisis or going grey.

No — our blogs are just as fresh, informative and current as ever.

We’ve had a sneaky look back over the last year just to remind ourselves what we’ve been doing and saying — and how its been received by our readers, customers, suppliers and friends.

It makes for interesting reading (well Kevin hasn’t read it as such – but he’s coloured in some of it, and hardly gone over any of the edges, so…).


It seems many of you have been keen readers of our insightful posts on practical subjects such as year round heat management for your windows [https://durable.co.uk/the-force-awakens-new-thinsulate-from-3m-2/ ], sound financial info and evaluating alternatives to air conditioning [https://durable.co.uk/cost-comparison-window-film-vs-blinds-air-con/], clever ways to reduce glare [https://durable.co.uk/4-ways-to-reduce-glare/] and solid advice on subjects like how to prevent sun damage to fabrics and furnishings [https://durable.co.uk/top-3-ways-to-prevent-sun-damage/]


But equally there have been a lot of you who frankly just love our quirky, slightly irreverent and funny side. Like how to steer clear of cowboy installers [https://durable.co.uk/beware-of-cowboys/] or spotting the potential risks of glass breakage [https://durable.co.uk/die-hard-a-lesson-in-safety-security-glass/].

Maybe you’re a fan of both styles. Whatever. We’re happy as long as we’re doing something that helps — whether that’s to fix a heat and glare problem or just to brighten your day!

The stats also tell us that most of you are of a similar ‘mid-life’ age too. So — we’re all kind of on the same page. Us not-too-oldies should stick together. We’re good at sticking. It’s sort of what we do.

Sticking around

And — come to think of it we’ve been sticking around for 50 years as a business too. Which is a very long time. We are the oldest window film company in Europe. Which (we think) is pretty impressive.

We’ve won a ‘lifetime achievement’ award from our friends at St Gobain/SolarGard. We’re not quite sure why — maybe literally for just being around this long. To be fair we have installed a huge amount of window film in that time.


Lots and lots.

Huge film stars

Here’s our BIG discovery:

It’s nuts… We worked out that we’ve installed on average enough film to completely cover Canary Wharf tower each month for almost 50 years!

We haven’t actually installed film at that particular landmark building of course – but if they would like a quote they know where to find us…

Durable it seems is not just our name — but a key part of our brand.

We are ‘durable’. So there.

Blog stats

The top stats from our blog [feel free to read and enjoy all over again. At our age we’ve probably forgotten it all now anyway — so it’s worth a re-read;)

Top ten highest ranked posts:

1) https://durable.co.uk/the-force-awakens-new-thinsulate-from-3m-2/ – Also our first ever “actual” post.

2) https://durable.co.uk/4-alternatives-to-air-conditioning/

3) https://durable.co.uk/4-ways-to-reduce-glare/

4) https://durable.co.uk/are-you-melting-in-the-conservatory/

5) https://durable.co.uk/cost-comparison-window-film-vs-blinds-air-con/

6) https://durable.co.uk/top-3-ways-to-prevent-sun-damage/

7) https://durable.co.uk/window-film-its-not-rocket-surgery/

8) https://durable.co.uk/too-hot-at-school/

9) https://durable.co.uk/beware-of-cowboys/

10) https://durable.co.uk/die-hard-a-lesson-in-safety-security-glass/

Here are the top ten Facebook posts ever:


We don’t seem to be on that list. Probably a technical error.

Here’s a picture of a kitten in a basket to try to boost our figures

We’re down with social media… we know the score.

If that doesn’t get us more hits or likes or whatever they are we will be forced to post pictures of our lunches for the next few weeks.

That always works.

So if you don’t not want to not see our food artily captured and framed — then you’d best not forget to remember not to like our FaceBook posts.

And now we’ve cleared that up — please feel free to share.

Look out for more of our Facepost tweets on Insterest and Pintagram soon.

We may post Kevin’s colouring-ins soon too.

They’re on the fridge door at the moment though.

We promised him – if he did a good job.

It’s next to Mark’s pasta collage of Donald Trump.


Durable – really big film stars